Tips For Employees . . . Never fill out an exit interview . . . Do not give notice to your employer if you quit unless under contract . . . Always sign a disciplinary notice . . .If you disagree with a disciplinary notice, write down your side and end it with, ‘not fully completed.’ . . Read and understand the Employee Manual on company time. . . When hired clarify hours, notice and under what conditions you will work overtime. . . When you are hired determine whether you will be entitled to vacation pay if you separate prematurely. . . Always call in via your cell phone if you are going to be absent or tardy. . . Don’t use profanity at the workplace in front of patrons. . . Never admit to mistakes as it could be the employer’s fault when the dust clears. . .Try and preserve your employment before you quit. . .Don’t talk to employers, supervisors or co-workers about your future plans. . .If you’re going to be absent or tardy, make sure it’s for compelling reasons . . .Inform the employer of your mode of transportation when hired or any changes. . .If you take a leave of absence, put your return date in writing.

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Spencer Cohn Interview on
Can You Collect Unemployment If You Quit Your Job?
by Gerri Detweiler on 10/03/2012

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Profanity In The Workplace
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Bank Teller Fired After Chasing Down Robbers!
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Everyday in the news it's about jobs being lost. What could be more important and relevant at this time than a program about the little guy helping the little guy? The country is in a recession and is not going to recover any time soon. Families across the country don’t have any money and are hanging onto every penny. As a result, family entertainment is relegated to ordering pizza and watching television. Who doesn't want to see a program that is empathetic to the plight of the average worker?

  Gov't Estimate Actual *
Unemployment Rate 8.5% 15.5%
New Jobs For Month 0 0
* The government requires an employer to notify them when they hire an employee but there is no requirement when an employee separates from them.  Also, the government does not consider employees who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are still unemployed or those who have no work history to name a few.

This year thousands of employees have already received pink slips and continue to be intimidated by their former employer. I help everyday people... the secretary, the mechanic, the nurse, the teacher, the salesman and even an alligator wrestler.

Getting fired is humiliating enough, but packing up your desk and being escorted out of your workplace flanked by security guards and human resources as former co-workers avoid eye contact, make matters worse. This was a reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans last year and this year the pink slip count is staggering.  In today's economic environment of mergers, downsizing and outsourcing, there are thousands of people with nowhere to turn.

Finally, employees have someone on THEIR side.

The dog is no longer man's best friend.... It's Spencer!!!

Employees may not always get their job back, but with Spencer's expertise, they have the chance to "beat the boss", restore their dignity and respect , and move on with their lives and careers.

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